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Shogun 2 prepares for Total War.

Sega, Creative Assembly returning to franchise’s roots with 16th-century feudal Japan redux on PCs in 2011.

The Creative Assembly has been era-agnostic when it comes to releasing new installments in its long-running Total War action/real-time strategy franchise. After launching the franchise in feudal Japan, the series has journeyed to the Middle Ages, Rome, the New World, and then back again to the Old, in no particular chronological order.

[The samurai will wage total war next year.]

In keeping with Creative Assembly’s capricious stroll through history, the Sega-owned studio announced that its 7 million-unit-selling strategy franchise will return to its roots with Shogun 2: Total War. Following on from the release of Napoleon: Total War in February, Shogun 2: Total War will be available for the PC in 2011.

The original Shogun set the tone for the Total War franchise in 2000, gaining critical approbation that has largely continued for the past 10 years. For Shogun 2, Creative Assembly will be returning to 16th-century Japan, during the tumultuous Sengoku period. Players assume the role of a Daimyo, or clan leader, who must engage with fellow warlords, be it through conflict or diplomacy, to reunite the sundered island nation.

As for changes under the hood, Creative Assembly noted that it has made substantial refinements to the game’s artificial intelligence, “developed according to Sun Tzu’s principles in the Art of War.” Those who prefer matching their battle acumen against living, breathing opponents will also have a number of new multiplayer modes, which support up to eight in competitive and cooperative engagements.

The studio has also introduced a new character progression system with Shogun 2, allowing gamers to assume leadership of one of nine clans and level up their own warlord and his emissaries through battle. Other features played up by the studio include deformable terrain based on weather conditions, as well as coastal battles in naval combat.

By: 20th Century Games.

Most Anticipated Games of E3.

The 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo is just weeks away, and just like you, GameSpot’s editors can’t wait to see what’s on tap in the hallowed halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center. The expo will potentially reveal new games that use Microsoft’s and Sony’s new motion controllers, updates on the new Nintendo 3DS, and new information for upcoming games on all platforms, including PC, console, and handhelds. Read on to get our editors’ picks on some of the most promising games at the show, and join the conversation by leaving us a comment with your top picks. So let’s look at what the editor’s of Gamespot are looking forward too and what are the games they are waiting for…

Ricardo Torres.

Editor in Chief.

Ricardo Torres

While there’s a lot to look forward to at this year’s E3 (as evidenced by the small novel I’ve written here), Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is probably my top pick. Yes, I’m sure that probably sounds nuts with all the hot stuff set to hit at the show, but I’ve got an old-school streak in me that loves fighting games, plus I’m still a comic nerd, so in this case, they had me at “hello.” But I also have some very fond memories of fantastic Mickey Mouse games from back in the day, such as Castle of Illusion, Mickey Mania on the Sega CD, and Capcom’s nice run of Mickey games, so I’m very excited to see the mouse get a proper makeover in Epic Mickey for the current crop of consoles. The fact that Warren Spector is involved is icing on the cake. The man is brilliant and has worked on games that I have spent countless hours getting lost in. If anyone could make Mickey the all-ages player he deserves to be in games, it’s Warren and his team, so I cannot wait to see what the results are.

Also, the Golden Sun games on the Game Boy Advance were easily among my favorite role-playing games on the platform. They were a modern take on the classic 16-bit RPGs I cut my teeth on, especially developer Camelot Software Planning’s Shining Force series. So when Golden Sun DS was announced at Nintendo’s E3 press conference last year, complete with some teaser footage, it wound up overshadowing the Metroid and Mario announcements for me. I’ve been patiently waiting for more on the game because I expect something awesome and epic. Oh yes, and I was also a big fan of the original Little Big Planet because of the possibilities the game opened up to aspiring game designers. As someone who still checks up on all the user-generated content that’s still being actively created, I’m eager to see how all the new tools Media Molecule is adding to the mix are going to work and what the story mode is going to be like in Little Big Planet 2.

Finally, I’m also looking forward to some updates on all the motion control hardware that was revealed last year. For instance, while I can’t single out a specific Natal game, outside of maybe Milo, as something I’m looking forward to at E3, I can say I’m very curious to see what Microsoft and other third-party studios are going to bring to the table. We haven’t seen much since last year on the upcoming peripheral, so I’m looking forward to hearing more about what’s going to be done with it. The tech is interesting, without a doubt, but, like all things, the proof is in what gets done with it, so I’m eager to see what will be on display. I’m also looking forward to the PlayStation Move for similar reasons–I can’t single out a specific Move title that’s my must-see at the show (because Sony has kept stuff under wraps since the motion controller’s debut at the Game Developers Conference), but I’m ready for the big guns that Sony and third parties are likely rolling out for it. We’ve had a taste of some of the stuff you’d expect from a controller like this, but I want to see some first- and third-party stuff that sells the hardware.

Andrew Park.

Managing Editor.

Andrew Park

Which game am I most looking forward to seeing at E3? That’s easy. Civilization V. I’m a big fan of turn-based strategy, and I’ve enjoyed the entire Civilization series. Civ IV was a terrific strategy game that was super-addictive but perhaps not as welcoming for newer players.

Civ V will introduce some of the streamlined interface features from Firaxis’ console game Civilization Revolution, and more interestingly, it’ll shake up the basics of Civ gameplay with a hex-based map and some very different combat mechanics. I was skeptical at first after hearing about some of these changes, but after seeing the game at GDC, I’m a believer, and I can’t wait to see more at E3.

Brendan Sinclair.

News Editor.

Brendan Sinclair

For most E3s, I find myself looking forward to the things I don’t know about, rather than focusing on previously announced games. This year is a bit different. I can’t wait to check out Marvel vs. Capcom 3 .

The second installment in the series is perhaps my favorite fighting game of all time, and I had given up hope of a true sequel because of pesky licensing issues. Now all I want is a roster full of unconventional choices, with new characters added every week through downloadable content.

By: 20th Century Games.

UK Chart: Football Manager reigns as Number 1.

Sports Interactive’s annual juggernaut storms to top place; neither new Bond game shakes or stirs top 10.

Football Manager 2011, the latest iteration of Sega’s football management sim, debuted in first place in the UK sales chart for the week ending November 6, with FIFA 11 holding in second and Fable III dipping from first to third.

Neither of Activision’s just-released James Bond duo, GoldenEye 007 for the Wii and the multiformat 007 Blood Stone, landed in the top 10. Blood Stone, an action adventure game with driving segments, came in at number 18. GoldenEye, a shooter based on the classic 1997 Nintendo 64 game, fared better, entering the chart at 13.

Blood Stone’s muted reception comes after a relatively low-key marketing campaign, without the benefit of being a tie-in product for a high-profile movie; though it features Daniel Craig as 007, Blood Stone isn’t connected to any Bond film. By comparison, the tie-in game for 2008’s Quantum of Solace, released in late October 2008, entered the UK chart at number seven. GoldenEye, on the other hand, enjoys the recognition of being a “reimagining” of the well-loved N64 title.

Top 10 Entertainment Software (All Prices), Week Ending November 6, 2010
1. Football Manager 2011 (SEGA)
2. FIFA 11 (EA Sports)
3. Fable III (Microsoft)
4. Just Dance 2 (Ubisoft)
5. Professor Layton and the Lost Future (Nintendo)
6. New Super Mario Bros Wii (Nintendo)
7. Fallout: New Vegas (Bethesda Softworks)
8. Medal of Honor (EA Games)
9. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (LucasArts)
10. The Sims 3 (EA Games)

Source : Gamespot

By : 20th CGN.

GTA V Set To Be Unveiled In 2012?

In a quarterly financial briefing, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick had this to say about the upcoming 2013 fiscal year, which runs from April 1st 2012 to March 31st 2013.

“While it is still very early to discuss fiscal 2013, we have a very strong pipeline of titles in development and currently expect to achieve substantial earnings growth, including Non-GAAP earnings per share in excess of $2.00.”

— Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two

While it is still too early to tell if this means we will be seeing Grand Theft Auto V in 2012/early 2013, one thing is clear; Take-Two definitely has something big planned, as the last time Take-Two made such profits was in 2008, right after the release of Grand Theft Auto IV.

By : 20th CGN.

E3 2011’S Most Popular Rumors – Can They Happen.

E3 2011 kicks off in Los Angeles in a week’s time and, as always, there is no shortage of rumors about what we’ll see at the show. Last year we saw the announcement of a new Xbox 360 model, Valve’s Gabe Newell shocked everyone by showing up at Sony’s press conference, and the 3DS was officially unveiled.

This year we’ll be seeing the reveal of another Nintendo platform, codenamed Project Cafe. There’s been no shortage of rumors surrounding it, but which are true? Will it have a touchscreen-equipped, portable controller? Will it brew you a cup of coffee?

The scuttlebutt is hardly limited to Cafe, either. Listed below are many of the big rumors connected to this year’s E3 along with some thoughts on whether or not we’re likely to see them. We’re bound to end up being wrong about something, so feel free to share your thoughts and make your own E3 predictions in the comments below. During E3 week, be sure to check back with 20th CGN for news, impressions, and videos of all the happenings in LA.

Rumor: Nintendo’s New Console Has a Touchscreen, Camera, and No Hard Drive

The most significant aspect of this rumor has already been confirmed by Nintendo — a new console is in the works and will be out in 2012. It’s said little more than that, and in the place of official comments have been rumors about its name (Project Cafe? Nintendo Stream?), specs, and feature set. It’s rumored to lack a hard drive and feature two control options: a Wii remote-style controller and an all-new controller with a large touchscreen and a camera.

Aside from the device’s increased horsepower, A number of sources have corroborated that it will have a controller with a big touchscreen in the middle. The controller could end up being the biggest selling point for the system — besides acting as the console’s equivalent of the DS touchscreen (with the TV being the top screen), there is a notion that you can “stream” games to the controller and use it as a handheld gaming system. That’s a remarkable idea, but for a company that is involved in the handheld gaming space, why would it want to sell what could be perceived as a competing product to the 3DS and DS? That’s to say nothing of a controller with regular-sized analog sticks and buttons not being portable or the cost of an accessory capable of playing games on the go.

The lack of a hard drive is somewhat peculiar. While Nintendo has gotten away with it this generation, launching a new system in 2012 without a feature that has been standard in both currently HD consoles for a half-decade could put it a major disadvantage. But if Nintendo doesn’t think it’ll be offering high-definition games for download — or it plans to stream them — it’s not impossible that we’ll make it through E3 without any sign of a Cafe hard drive.

There’s also a matter of third-party support. Nintendo tried to feature third parties at the 3DS’s launch, something that hasn’t worked out particularly well. Regardless, if it’s now going to have a system as powerful as the competition, it’ll definitely seek the same support the 360 and PS3 currently enjoy. Rockstar Games, makers of the Grand Theft Auto series, are reportedly on board with the system. While it doesn’t look like Grand Theft Auto V will be announced at the show (more on that later), bringing Rockstar, or a company of that level, on stage to pledge support would be a really smart way to show the hardcore crowd that this is a system that will offer more than just Nintendo franchises.

Rumor: Sony Will Announce the NGP’s Name, Price, and Availability

There were rumors before last year’s E3 that Sony would announce the successor to the PSP. Instead, we had to deal with another six-plus months of rumors about it (and the Xperia Play, leading to plenty of confusion), and it wasn’t until this past January that it was finally unveiled. We know all of the basics, like its rear-facing touchpad and dual analog sticks, but nothing about its release date, price, or name — “Next Generation Portable” isn’t going to cut it, yet the rumored PS Vita is a bit odd.

The NGP is expected to be released in at least one territory by the end of the year, so getting many of the particulars out at E3 makes sense. A name and release window are probable, and perhaps some word about its specs (which are rumored to have been downgraded). With all of the claims that it’ll be a PlayStation 3 in your hands, that sort of capability won’t come cheap — and the 3G-capable model will be even pricier than the base model. As such, Sony might keep details on price close to its chest until closer to release. After the flak it took when it announced the PlayStation 3’s price, Sony’s not likely to want to detract from an otherwise strong E3 lineup by announcing a $300+ price for the NGP.

Rumor: Microsoft/Sony Will Unveil the Xbox 3/PlayStation 4

These are being lumped together because they’re both downright ridiculous. There was a report earlier this month saying that EA already had its hands on the Xbox 360’s successor, but it’s been categorically denied. That suggestion flew in the face of an earlier report that said new consoles from Microsoft and Sony aren’t expected to be out until 2014, or 2013 at the earliest.

Microsoft is the more likely of the two to announce a new system first — 360 was out a year before PS3 and Microsoft doesn’t have the track record Sony does for extending the life cycle of its systems. It makes little sense, however, for Microsoft to announce a new system right now. Kinect came out last fall and was positioned as a way to extend the life cycle of the system and appeal to the casual crowd. The 360 and PS3 are both capable of continuing to evolve through system updates in a way that previous generations of consoles could not, and with Xbox 360 routinely outselling the competition in the United States as of late, there’s little reason to believe Microsoft would undercut its own success by prematurely announcing a new system.

Rumor: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Will Be Made a Cafe Launch Title

The idea that a Zelda game could be delayed so it can be brought out alongside a new platform isn’t without precedent. That exact scenario happened with Twilight Princess: it was intended to come out in late 2005 for GameCube but was delayed until the end of 2006 so that it could also be brought out for Wii. It actually ended up coming out on Wii a few weeks before it did on GameCube in North America.

We now find ourselves in almost the exact same position. A new Zelda is coming out for Nintendo’s current console later this year with a new system planned for release next year. If Skyward Sword does come out this year, it’ll be a long wait before the next game in the series can be developed for Cafe. With the 3DS struggling out of the gate due in part to a weak first-party lineup, holding onto what’s sure to a big seller like Skyward Sword for the Cafe’s launch would be an understandable decision. Nintendo hasn’t given any indication that it plans to delay the game, but don’t be surprised if we end up without a 2011 release date being announced at E3.

Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V Will Make its Debut

It’s hard to say whether or not we’ll hear about the next Grand Theft Auto at E3. On the one hand, it’s been more than three years since the last game came out, and there’s been no shortage of evidence that it’s being worked on from domains to casting calls to the man-boy love activist.

Besides the fact that Rockstar could announce a new GTA at any point — it doesn’t need to be a part of E3 — Take-Two’s recent financial results showed no signs of a GTA release in the current fiscal year. It does, however, look as if a GTA-sized game will be out in fiscal ’13 (running from April 1, 2012 through March 31, 2013). As a result, it’s not necessary to reveal the game this soon, and it probably makes more sense for an announcement to be held off for at least a little while longer.

Rumor: Microsoft Will Cut the Price of the Xbox 360

Microsoft could opt to cut the price of the Xbox 360 at any time. In light of how frequent those “$50 gift card with Xbox 360 purchase” offers are, a price cut is only a matter of time. The attempts with Kinect to lure the casual gamers to Xbox 360 would be made a whole lot easier if Microsoft could say its high-def system is as cheap as any console (Wii included) on the market. A price drop would also stick it to Sony, particularly if it comes out that the NGP will cost twice as much — and you know Microsoft would love to do that.

Rumor: We’ll Learn Something About Bungie’s New Game

Bungie said earlier this month it won’t “officially be at E3 this year.” That’s pretty damning to hopes that it will reveal its new, Activision-published game at E3, but it doesn’t prevent them from showing up during, say, Sony’s media briefing to surprise everyone like Gabe Newell did last year. There’s been talks about it being an MMO named Destiny, but whether or not that’s actually the case, we probably won’t be finding out about it next week.

Rumor: Microsoft Will Show a New Halo Title

Bungie has moved on to new things, but that doesn’t mean Halo is gone by any stretch of the imagination. A new Halo being shown at E3 will likely depend on your definition of “new” — a remake of the original Halo has been rumored for some time now. It’s said to be coming later this year, which makes sense because the series’ 10-year anniversary is coming up in November. Gears of War 3 will keep Xbox 360 shooter fans occupied this fall, so a full Halo release isn’t really needed. Microsoft does need first-party titles to show at E3, and a Halo remake would definitely fit the bill without detracting too much from the attention Gears will get later this year.

Rumor: Respawn Entertainment’s First Game Will be Revealed

There has been surprisingly little talk about Respawn Entertainment, the company founded by the former heads of Infinity Ward. And that’s probably with good reason — although the studio has now existed for more than a year, the scale for its first game was said to be on par with a “huge, summer blockbuster,” and that isn’t the sort of thing a new studio brings together in a year. That’s not to mention the fact that its publisher is Electronic Arts, the same company that’s currently busy trying to beat Call of Duty with Battlefield 3.

Whether or not that’s a realistic goal, the early response from the press to Modern Warfare 3 hasn’t been as glowing as one would expect, whereas Battlefield 3 — at least as far as its visuals go — has generally left people blown away. There’s no reason for EA to take the wind out of BF3’s sails just as it seems to be generating a more positive buzz than Activision’s heavy hitter.

There’s also the fact that Respawn has outright said it won’t announce anything at E3.

Rumor: Metal Gear Solid: Rising is Being Developed by Platinum Games

Metal Gear Solid Rising

Metal Gear Solid: Rising looks different from your average MGS game and, as a result, not everyone is terribly excited for it. In an interesting twist, it’s been suggested by former gamespot editor and knower-of-things Shane Bettenhausen that Platinum Games — developer of MadWorld, Bayonetta, and Vanquish — is secretly developing Rising. It’s currently working on Anarchy Reigns for Sega, but looking at the fairly short gaps between its previous releases, it’s shown it has the capacity to be at work on more than one project at a time.

If true, it would mark the first time the company has done a game for publisher other than Sega. As an independent studio, though, it’s free to work with whomever it wishes, so this might very well turn out to be the big new reveal when the game is shown for the third E3 in a row this year.

After word reached Japanese websites, Platinum’s Hideki Kamiya said (via Andriasang) on Twitter, “So this rumor has also come to Japan,” to which Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima responded, “But it would be nice if it were true.” You would think they would avoid commenting on the matter if it’s true, or maybe this is misdirection and it really is true.

Rumor: Half-Life (Episode) 3 Will be Announced or Acknowledged in Some Capacity

Half-Life 2

Okay, so this one isn’t so much a rumor as it is wishful thinking. Valve isn’t opposed to surprises, as it proved with the aforementioned appearance by boss Gabe Newell at Sony’s media briefing at E3 2010. It’s already made it clear to the press that it won’t be showing any titles at this year’s show — not even Dota 2, which we know is in development. But if there were anything Valve could do to top last’s year surprise, it would be to announce Episode 3 (or, better yet, Half-Life 3 proper). Such a reveal seems incredibly unlikely, but that won’t stop me and every other Half-Life fan from praying Valve shocks us all again this year.

By : 20th CGN.

Source : 1UP.

Red Dead Redemption ships 8 million, Take-Two profits flat, GTA V missing exact date.

Western game hits new sales milestone as publisher names Undead Nightmare expansion a major hit; NBA 2K11, Civilization V also solid holiday players; next GTA missing from release calendar.

Nearly nine months after its release, the Red Dead Redemption money train keeps on rolling. Today, Rockstar Games parent Take-Two Interactive revealed the Western action adventure has shipped 8 million units to date, just under half of Grand Theft Auto: IV’s total haul as of last June. The game’s zombie expansion, Undead Nightmare, was also named as one of the publisher’s biggest hits during its October-December quarter.

Take-Two also reported its earnings for the aforementioned quarter. The company took in $334.3 million in net revenue, down 7 percent from the $360.4 million during the same period the year prior. Profits were $40.8 million, essentially flat from the $39.4 million in profits from the same quarter the year before.

That said, the bigger picture proved much rosier. For the nine months ending December 31, Take-Two’s net revenue increased 80 percent to $954.6 million. Income during the period went from a $98.4 million loss to a $76.2 million profit year-over-year, thanks again in large part to Red Dead Redemption. Other major hits for the period included the quadruple platinum NBA 2K11, Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete, Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, and Sid Meier’s Civilization V.

Looking ahead, Take-Two predicts it will take in $130 million to $150 million in revenue during the current quarter, with earnings totaling $1.08 billion to $1.10 billion for the year ending March 31, 2011. The company recently shifted its fiscal year, which used to end on October 31.

During the current quarter, the company’s two major releases are Major League Baseball 2K11 and Top Spin 4. Looking out to the next year, the company plans to ship Duke Nukem Forever on May 3 and L.A. Noire on May 17. Beyond that, the just-announced Darkness II is due out in the fall, with Spec Ops: The Line and XCOM due out during the company’s next fiscal year. Calendar 2012 will bring BioShock: Infinite, the sky-set semi-sequel to the popular first-person action series.

Missing from Take-Two’s release schedule was any mention of Max Payne 3, the reportedly troubled next installment in the dark shooter series. Speaking with analysts after the report, Take-Two CFO Lainie Goldstein would only say, “There’s no update on that title as of this time.” Also missing from the schedule was any mention of the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, which analysts don’t expect until sometime next year.

By : 20th CGN

Enslaved Sells Over 460,000. Namco Bandai over the profit zone of last year.

Publisher and toy maker posts $45.3 million profit as acclaimed action adventure game underperforms.

Following Sony, Konami, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, and THQ, Namco Bandai became the latest game company to post earnings results this week. For the nine months ending December 31, 2010, the publisher and toy maker reported net sales of ¥288 billion ($3.5 billion), up from ¥282.8 billion ($3.4 billion) the year prior. Net income–aka profit–was ¥3.7 billion ($45.3 million), way up from the ¥11.7 billion loss ($143.3 million) the company posted the year prior.

Enslaved didn’t do as much monkey business as Namco had hoped.

In terms of games, the company’s best-selling title for the current fiscal year remains Tekken 6. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 fighting game sold 1.08 million copies during the nine months ending December 31, more than double Namco Bandai’s highest profile new release, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Despite solid marks from critics, the action adventure, loosely inspired by the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West, sold just 460,000 units on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 after shipping in October.

Other best sellers called out by Namco Bandai were Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, with 490,000 units in nine-month sales, Gods Eater Burst with 460,000 units, and Gundam Musou 3, with 430,000 units. The company released 64 new titles during the nine-month period selling a total of 13.8 million units of software. Overall software sales were 21.8 million units for the time frame.

By : 20th CGN

Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Details Leaked

Premium edition to include “Back to Karkand” expansion according to leaked ad; content bundles updated weapons, vehicles, and maps from Battlefield 2.

Source: A leaked ad for the limited edition of Battlefield 3, as seen on Battlefield fansite EnterBF3.

What we heard: Last week Battlefield series developer DICE officially lifted the veil on the latest entry in the series, Battlefield 3. The Swedish studio said the title would arrive this fall in standard and limited edition iterations. Now, some new intel on the LE has crept out.

According to a leaked ad for Battlefield 3 (pictured at top), the limited edition of the new shooter will come bundled with the “Back to Karkand” expansion, which will contain a heap of Battlefield 2 content including weapons, vehicles, and four multiplayer environments.

The ad did not reveal which four maps will be included with the pack, however, Strike at Karkand was a popular multiplayer environment in Battlefield 2, and would seem a likely fit for the “Back to Karkand” expansion.

The ad only shows the PC version of the title, but according to additional wording, it looks like the limited edition is coming to consoles. The ad says the limited edition will include additional trophies and achievements for players to unlock, which is a likely indicator that the edition will land on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

Additionally, those who do not purchase a limited edition copy of Battlefield 3 can purchase and download the “Back to Karkand” expansion content about a month after the title releases, according to the leaked advertisement. Neither a price nor a more exact release date has been affixed to the content thus far.

The official story: As of press time DICE has not responded to 20th CGN’s request for comment or clarification on the matter.

Bogus or not bogus?: Looking very much not bogus that EA is planning a multiplatform limited edition for Battlefield 3. But whatever the case, answers will arrive soon, as DICE has said it will unveil the limited edition properly at this year’s Game Developers Conference, which is set for the end of the month.

By : 20th CGN

Sony gets impound order for PS3 hacker’s computers.

Judge orders George Hotz to cease all hacking of console, turn over PCs and hard drives within two weeks.

Sony won its first victory in a lawsuit against PlayStation 3 hackers this week, as a judge granted the electronics giant a temporary restraining order preventing lead defendant George Hotz from further hacking of the console. Additionally, Hotz must now turn over his computers, hard drives, and all other storage materials related to Sony’s legal team within 10 business days.

The judge signed off on Sony’s proposed restraining order with minimal edits, agreeing that the order was “necessary to prevent immediate and irreparable injury” to Sony. Additionally, the court determined Sony “has shown a likelihood of success on the merits of its claims for violation of the [Digital Millennium Copyright Act] and the [Computer Fraud and Abuse Act].”

In opposing the restraining order, Hotz’s attorney pointed out that with the PS3 security keys already readily available online as a result of the hacking, there was no further injury to prevent. “That cat is not going back in the bag,” he said.

Late last year, a group of hackers known as fail0verflow publicized a major PS3 flaw in the way it creates security keys. Days later, Hotz released the system’s master key, allowing people to run unauthorized software on their consoles, including pirated games, homebrew programs, and even custom firmware. Sony’s subsequent lawsuit accused the hackers of breach of contract, tortuous interference with contractual relations, trespassing, common law misappropriation, and violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the Copyright Act, and the California Comprehensive Computer Data Access and Fraud Act.

Source : IGN.

By : 20th CGN.